Asset management specialists:

More than 30 years of experience and ten million managed assets

We are a team of professionals who put their many years of experience in the global management of capital assets and Facility Management sector to good use. We focus our core business on the management of depreciable and non-depreciable fixed assets.

Asset inventory and management

The first step to manage company assets effectively is to understand them in detail, their state and location.

The asset inventory is an important starting point to have a precise and complete picture of the company assets for timely and efficient asset management.

We are unconventional because our services transverse every sector and cover capital goods and documentary assets. This means that we have historically customers from every industry, including healthcare, production, services, and consultancy.

Scopri GGnet
Gli esperti dei cespiti e degli inventari

We see the company as a family, a privileged place where everything is done with care, attention and reliability for the well-being and health of loved ones.

This philosophy has led us to become a reference point in the asset management field and for the high professionalism we demonstrate in every phase of the process.

We manage company assets with care and attention and provide a service that meets customer expectations.


We have a mission:

Making the workspaces functional and efficient and buildings, facilities and structures, better places for employees. Only through the satisfaction and well-being of personnel can companies increase their productivity.